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Intel StrongARM SA-1110 RISC Application Processor

Simplified Technical Specifications

Type: StrongARM SA-1110
Manufacturer: Intel
Year Released: 1999
Predecessor: 32bit DEC StrongARM SA-110


CPU Structure (complexity): RISC
Width of Machine Word: 32 bit
Primary (RAM) Data bus: 32 bit

Instruction Set

Supported Instruction Set(s): ARMv4
CPU Core: ARM SA-1

Clock Frequencies

Recommended Minimum Clock Frequency: 133 MHz
Recommended Maximum Clock Frequency: 206 MHz
Internal Systembus Clock: 66 MHz


Level 1 cache per Core: 8KiB data cache / 16 KiB instruction cache


Semiconductor Technology: CMOS
Contacts: 256 pins

Additional Details

Special Features: 66 MHz / 103 MHz SDRAM interface, MMU, Write buffer, Read buffer, LCD controller, serial I/O
Datasheet Time: Jan 1, 06 6:00:00
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