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Apple A6X APL5598 RISC SoC

Simplified Technical Specifications

Type: A6X APL5598
Manufacturer: Apple
Year Released: 2012
Codename: S5L8955X
Predecessor: 32bit Apple A6 APL0598


CPU Structure (complexity): RISC
Width of Machine Word: 32 bit
Primary (RAM) Data bus: 32 bit

Instruction Set

Supported Instruction Set(s): ARMv7

Clock Frequencies

Recommended Maximum Clock Frequency: 1400 MHz


Level 1 cache per Core: 32KiB data cache / 32 KiB instruction cache
Level 2 cache per Core: 1024 KiB


Semiconductor Technology: CMOS
Minimum Feature Size: 32 nm

Additional Details

Special Features: 2x Custom Apple Swift ARMv7-compatible Harvard Superscalar processor core, dual-channel LPDDR2 SDRAM interface, embedded 2x 512 MB 533 MHz LP-DDR2 SDRAM, NAND flash, moviNAND, SATA, eMMC interface, embedded GPS module, HDMI, triple display controller, 1080p video encode, 1080p video decode, audio subsystem, 300 MHz quad-core SGX554MP4 GPU
Datasheet Time: Oct 26, 12 19:35:35
Datasheet Views: 12249 views

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