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Ad blocking makes impossible to maintain PDAdb.net

Welcome to PDAdb.net. We have been publishing up-to-date, in-depth specs of smartphones, tablets, PDAs and other mobile devices with undiminished enthusiasm for more than 10 years.
We are in big trouble now. The site was fully reengineered back in Oct, 2016. This project was comprehensive, thus expensive and we faced financial difficulties soon. Our primary source of income is publishing advertisements on the site. You and a significant portion of PDAdb.net visitors use ad blockers against PDAdb.net which is steadily making impossible to maintain the site.
Please support us and consider turning off ad blocking to keep PDAdb.net alive. Thank you, PDAdb.net
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Database Licensing
If you are interested in using our mobile device database in your own project contact us by the form on the left.
PDAdb.net mobile device database includes new and old Smartphones, Tablets, Smart watches, PDA devices, PDA phones, PNA/PND devices, netbooks, rugged mobile computers, several kind of handheld mobile devices running Android, iOS, Windows CE based (Windows Phone, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Windows CE.NET, Handheld PC, Palm-size PC), RIM BlackBerry OS, Symbian OS based (Symbian^3, Series 60, Series 80, Series 90, UIQ, EPOC), Linux, Tizen, Tencent, Yun OS, Qt, WebOS and other operating systems.
This practically means all ARM-based mobile computers except feature phones (even touch phones), car computers, VoIP phones, mobile development boards.
You decide whether you license the whole database or only parts of it filtered by your custom criteria. License fee depends on the number and detail level of datasheets to be licensed.
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The place order of text links at the same text link place is determined by the time order of advertisers' inquiries. Please inquire by using the contact form on the left and mark the desired text link place(s) in the subject.

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Error report
Did you notice a typo or error on a datasheet? Your feedback is always welcome. If you report errors please attach one or more relevant, verifiable sources and indicate if you own the device which you want to report about.
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