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Debian Project Debian 8.6 (Jessie) datasheet

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General Attributes
Developer Debian Project
Full Name Debian 8.6
Released 2016 Sep 17
Codename Jessie
Short Name Debian 8.6

Operating System Kernel Linux
Operating System Family Linux family
Supported CPU Instruction Set(s) PowerPC instruction set, x86 (IA-32) instruction set, MIPS instruction set, ARM instruction set, x86-64 (IA-64) instruction set

Datasheet Attributes
Data IntegrityData integrity level determines the integrity of the published information. Final datasheets are not intended to be modified in the future, preliminary ones can be based on unofficial information or speculations, incomplete ones are also preliminary b Preliminary
AddedThe exact time of the datasheet addition 2016-12-11 19:14
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