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Symbian OS 9.4 Series 60 5th Edition (Symbian^1)

Simplified operating system datasheet

Full Name: Symbian OS 9.4 Series 60 5th Edition (Symbian^1)
Short Name: S60 5
Developer: Symbian
Codename: S^1
Release Date: October 02, 2008
Predecessor: Symbian OS 9.3 Series 60 3rd Edition


Operating System Family: Symbian OS / EPOC (EPOC, S60, S80, S90, UIQ, MOAP) operating systems
Operating System Kernel: Symbian 9.4
Supported CPU Instruction Set(s): ARM

Additional Details

Related Page: http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/index.php/Symbian%5E1
Datasheet Time: Jun 17, 08 23:14:48
Datasheet Views: 72011 views
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S60 5 screenshots:
Nokia X6 Firmware v12 2

Nokia X6 Firmware v12 2 (42.3 KiB)
Nokia X6 Firmware v12 1

Nokia X6 Firmware v12 1 (45.2 KiB)
s60 5th schematic

s60 5th schematic (67.6 KiB)
s60 5th ui6

s60 5th ui6 (28.1 KiB)
s60 5th ui9

s60 5th ui9 (11.5 KiB)
s60 5th ui7

s60 5th ui7 (26.7 KiB)
s60 5th ui2

s60 5th ui2 (15.6 KiB)
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