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HTC One X X325A Android 4.0.4 OTA System Upgrade 2.20.502.7

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Version: 2.20.502.7
Author: AT_T
Category: ROM Update
Language: English
Release Date: August 02, 2012
File Time: Aug 5, 12 18:16:09
File Views: 18517 views

ROM Update Details

Starting August 2nd 2012, HTC will be rolling out a system update for the HTC One X.

This update will only be available for AT&T HTC One X customers and will be sent to the device over the air. Once the release is ready, users will receive a notification on their device advising them of this update and provide instructions to receive and install it. Users can proactively check for this update by going to Home > All Apps > Settings > AT&T Software Update > Check for updates.

As an alternative solution, the system update can be downloaded to a PC and manually applied to the device. See the section at the bottom of these instructions for more information.

File: htc_one_x_RUU_2.20.502.7_att_us_08022012.exe
File size: 568 Mbyte

New features:
- NFC Capabilities
- Additional content added to HTC Hub
- Third party music applications accessible from the Car application.

- Wi-Fi connectivity fixes
- Improved Bluetooth automobile compatibility
- 3G/4G connectivity improvements
- HTC Sense fixes
- Contacts synchronization fix
- Network time fix (clock displays 30 minutes off)


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