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Pantech Burst Android 4.0.4 System Upgrade JUUS09032012

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Version: JUUS09032012
Author: Pantech USA
Category: ROM Update
Language: English
Release Date: October 05, 2012
File Time: Oct 5, 12 18:09:58
File Views: 84349 views

ROM Update Details

Pantech Burst P9070 (At&t) Upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS

New User Features
- Enhanced Home screen canvas switcher edit functionality(In the preview of home screen panels, users can change a main home screen panel).
- Enhanced Multitasking and Notifications functionality.
- Enhanced User Interface : Virtual buttons in System bar, contextual options in Action Bar.
- Support for Face Unlock.
- Improved text input and spell-checking (Android keyboard)
- Control over Network data and Powerful web browsing
- New! Self mode and Panorama capture mode in camera.
- New! Time-Lapse recording function in video camera.

UI Improvements
- Improved user interface design with GL library.
- Support for Native Sync of AT&T Address Book.
- Improved lock screen.
- Improved Quick Settings and Detail Settings.
- Additional Improvement UI interfaces.


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