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Verizon BlackBerry Q10 LTE SQN100-2 BlackBerry 10.1 OTA System Upgrade

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Author: Verizon Wireless
Category: ROM Update
Language: Multiple languages
Release Date: August 22, 2013
File Time: Aug 24, 13 10:52:00
File Views: 8518 views

ROM Update Details

Official BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-2 Software Update

Software version:


- Separate Work Account message list from the BlackBerry Hub
- Next/previous peek navigation available for - uick access to next messages
- Unlimited support for IMAP sync
- Improvements to Gmail authentication
- Seleted Items Sync – content now still viewable in the deleted items folder
- Smart Forward & Reply: Reduces data usage by only sending changed content
- Use Search in BlackBerry® Remember
- Add line breaks to text messages and BBM’s by

Home Screen
- Warning data will be erased message appears after six unsuccessful password attempts
- Search now supports My Places
- 12 key lock screen keyboard

- Strokes Input support has been added to the touch keyboard for Chinese
- Consistent font for Traditional Chinese User Interface

Corrected Issues
- Restart Required no longer appears once software update is completed and device is restarted
- Setting for Out of Office will now sync with the server
- Calendar will now sync with the server
- Camera settings now accessible while front camera is in use
- Device will charge when using a non-BlackBerry branded charger
- Add a contact via lookup when writing a LinkedIn message from the Hub
- Alarm control “On” issue has been corrected

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