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Samsung SCH-I400 Galaxy S Continuum System OTA Update i400.DL17

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Version: i400.DL17
Author: Verizon Wireless
Category: ROM Update
Language: English
Release Date: January 28, 2011
File Time: Feb 3, 11 13:51:45
File Views: 11749 views

ROM Update Details

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update, i400.DL17, for your Samsung Continuum.
- Reply/Forward Visual Voice Mail audio files as attachments using a variety of email providers (e.g. Gmail™, Yahoo!®).
- Improved Visual Voice Mail functionality.
- Pressing the camera button no longer launches the Messenger Application.
- All received picture messages properly display the embedded image.
- Added ability to delete a threaded message while in the body of the thread.
- Alert appears when a message of 150 - characters sends as an MMS message.
- When using V CAST Music, the audio track will auto-pause if you select a V CAST or native video to start.
- Added multiple email messages to be deleted from POP3 accounts (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo!)
- Contact name displays correctly in the notification bar when a text message is received.
- Successfully hide all declined events on Facebook® application.
- Improved voice dialing response time when connected to a Bluetooth® headset or car kit.
- “Locate Me” GPS feature in the Weatherbug® widget now works correctly.
- Properly display Daylight Savings Time in WeatherBug application.
- Completely delete RSS history.
- Avoid device transitioning into a no service state when it should not have.
- Device will not force close when setting a wallpaper.
- V CAST Apps now available.

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