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Sprint HTC EVO 4G A9292 OTA System Upgrade 4.54.651.1

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Version: 4.54.651.1
Author: Sprint
Category: ROM Update
Language: English
Release Date: October 24, 2011
File Time: Oct 30, 11 16:00:31
File Views: 14349 views

ROM Update Details

HTC EVO 4G Software Update - 4.54.651.1

- Security Update

Important Notes:
- The new software version is: 4.54.651.1
- The customer may initiate the update beginning 10/25 or wait until notifications begin being sent to devices on 10/27
- Refer to the HTC EVO 4G Software Update blog for install instructions
- Updates may be released in stages. When checking for the update, you may receive a message that no update is available, check back later or wait until the update notification is sent to your device

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