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Hewlett-Packard Jornada 545

Release Date: July, 2000
78x130x16mm, 260g, Microsoft Pocket PC 2000 , 32bit Hitachi SuperH SH3 (SH7700), 133MHz CPU, 16MiB RAM, 16MiB ROM, 3.7" 240x320 CSTN LCD, 3.5mm audio jack, CF I., Proprietary port, IR, built-in battery | See all details


Hewlett-Packard Jornada 690

Release Date: November, 1999
189x95x34mm, 510g, Microsoft Handheld PC 3.0 Professional Edition , 32bit Hitachi SuperH SH3 (SH7700), 133MHz CPU, 32MiB RAM, 16MiB ROM, 6.5" 640x240 CSTN LCD, PCMCIA I., PCMCIA II., CF I., CF II., IR, Modem, Built-in QWERTY keyb., 1500mAh removable battery | See all details

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Hewlett-Packard Jornada 547 / 548 Specs

Datasheet Views: 22937 views since addition of datasheet (April 24, 2005)
Datasheet State: Final specifications
Release Date: July, 2000
Dimensions: 78 x 130 x 16 millimetres
Mass: 260 grams (battery included)

Software Environment

Embedded Operating System: Microsoft Pocket PC 2000
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Microprocessor, Chipset

CPU Clock: 133 MHz
CPU: Hitachi SuperH SH3 (SH7700)
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Memory, Storage capacity

RAM capacity: 32 MiB
ROM capacity: 16 MiB


Display Technology: CSTN , 4096 scales
Display Diagonal: 3.7 "
Display Resolution: 240 x 320


Microphone(s): mono
Loudspeaker(s): mono
Audio Output: 3.5mm

Control Peripherals

Positioning Device: Touchscreen
Primary Keyboard: Not supported
Directional Pad: Not supported
Scroll Wheel: Not supported


Expansion Slots: CF I.
USB: USB 1.1 client, 12Mbit/s
Bluetooth: Not supported
Wireless LAN: Not supported
Infrared Gate: 115200bit/s (SIR/CIR)
Serial: RS-232

Multimedia Broadcast

Analog Radio Receiver: Not supported
Digital Media Broadcast Tuner: Not supported

Additional Details

Battery: built-in

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