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Title Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone 7.5 Tango Firmware Upgrade
Version 1600.3030.8773.12120
Released 2012 Jun 27
Category:   ROM Update
Author Nokia

Additional InformationAdditional Information: 

Get new features

Keep your phone software up-to-date to make sure you get the best experiences and the newest features. The latest software update provides the following great features for the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710.

Internet Sharing (Wi-Fi Hotspot): Share your mobile internet connection over Wi-Fi with up to five client devices or computers.*

Flip to silence: Silence incoming calls by flipping your phone face down.

New apps: After updating, your Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia Lumia 710 will be ready to install exclusive new applications available in the Windows Phone Marketplace (Camera Extras, Counters, Contact share, and more).

Get new apps and new experiences

Once your Nokia Lumia 800 or 710 is updated, or if you have a Nokia Lumia 900 or 610*, you can download some great new apps that are available exclusively for the Nokia Lumia family from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Camera extras

Four great new features that make imaging so much more fun:
1. Smart Group Shot - Capture a group photo where everyone looks good
2. Action Shot - Capture action or movement in one or several photos
3. Self-timer - Get yourself into the picture with self-timer
4. Panorama - Capture beautiful wide landscapes more easily

Contact share

Send and receive business cards via SMS.

Play To (DLNA)

The Play To application for Nokia with Windows Phone allows users to broadcast photos, music, and videos wirelessly to other DLNA capable devices connected to the same network such as TVs, Blu-ray players, and Music Systems with Microsoft Windows Media Player for Windows 7.
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