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Title PalmOne Treo 650 CDMA Software Update
Released 2006 Jan 24
Version 1.13
Author PalmSource
Category:   ROM Update

Additional InformationAdditional Information: 

* Integrates the Treo 650 E911 Updater to improve the ability of emergency response personnel to locate users who dial 911 from the Treo 650 smartphone
* Improves memory handling when using background applications such as GoodLink

The Treo 650 Updater 1.13 will change the permanent (ROM) software in your smartphone. Please set aside 20 to 30 minutes to complete the process.

Heres what happens during the upgrade:

1. You perform a regular HotSync operation to ensure you have a current backup of the smartphone data you normally save to your desktop computer
2. The updater is transferred to your smartphone and runs automatically
3. All data and applications are erased while the devices ROM is upgraded
4. A second HotSync operation restores the data that was backed up earlier

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