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Title NEC MIPS VR4111 Preliminary User Manual
Version U13137EJ2V0UM00 (2nd edition)
Released 1998 Apr 1
Category:   User Manual
Author NEC
File User ManualDownload File

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The VR4111, which is a high-performance 64-/32-bit microprocessor employing the RISC (reduced instruction set
computer) architecture developed by MIPS, is one of the RISC microprocessor VR-SeriesTM products manufactured
by NEC.
The VR4111 is ideally suited for battery-driven high-performance portable information equipment.
It mainly consists of the high-performance ultra-low-power consumption VR4111TM CPU core, and has various
peripheral functions including a DMA controller, software modem interface, serial interface, keyboard interface, IrDA
interface, touch panel interface, real-time clock, A/D converter, and D/A converter.
The external bus width of this device can be selected between 32 bits and 16 bits. This function enables the
VR4111 to process voluminous data at high speed.
This processor supports instruction set architecture (ISA) of MIPS I, MIPS II, MIPS III, and MIPS16. It does not
support LL, LLD, SC, SCD, and floating point instructions.

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