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Title NEC MIPS VR4181
Version 98YL-0218C
Released 1998 Nov 1
Category:   Technical datasheet
Author NEC
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The 64-bit VR4181TM (μPD30181) RISC microprocessor is an NEC VR SeriesTM device created
specifically for Windows® CE-based palm-size PC/smart phone applications. Designed using the popular
MIPS® RISC architecture and revolutionary Modular Bus Architecture (MBA), the VR4181 offers excellent
power consumption and performance in a highly integrated, low-cost system-on-a-chip (SOC).
The VR4181 microprocessor is the second NEC device to use the ultra-low-power-consuming 66-MHz
VR4110TM CPU core based on advanced 0.25-micron technology. The VR4110 CPU has an optimized
five-stage pipeline, 4-KB instruction cache, 4-KB data cache, multiply-and-accumulate (MAC) unit, and
memory management unit that enable high performance in a compact, low-cost chip.
The VR4181’s integrated peripherals include an LCD controller, CompactFlashTM interface, power
management unit, DMA unit, interrupt control unit, timers, real-time clock, one 16550-compatible serial
interface, IrDA® 1.0 interface, keyboard interface, touch-panel interface, universal serial bus (USB) functional
interface, A/D converter, and D/A converter.
The VR4181 microprocessor complies with the MIPS I, II, and III instruction set architectures (ISAs) and
MIPS16 application-specific extension (ASE). The MIPS16 ASE compliance enables the VR4181 to incorporate
16-bit-long instruction format with conventional 32-bit-long instruction support, which results in
compact code size, smaller memory foot print, and lower system cost.
The VR4181 is an excellent choice for palm-size PC designers because its high performance, compact
size, and low power consumption make it ideal for use in battery-driven, portable handheld systems.

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