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Title Intel StrongARM SA-1110
Version N/A
Released 2000 Apr 1
Category:   Technical datasheet
Author Intel
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Description The Intel StrongARM SA-1110 Microprocessor (SA-1110) is a device optimized for meeting portable and embedded application requirements.

The SA-1110 incorporates a 32-bit StrongARM RISC processor capable of running at up to 206 MHz. The SA-1110 has a large instruction and data cache, memory-management unit (MMU), and read/write buffers. The SA-1110 memory bus interfaces to many device types including synchronous DRAM (SDRAM), synchronous mask ROM (SMROM), and SRAM-like variable latency I/O devices with a shared data ready signal. In addition, the SA-1110 provides system support logic, multiple serial communication channels, a color/gray scale LCD controller, PCMCIA support for up to two sockets, and general-purpose I/O ports.

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