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Title Samsung S3C2410
Released 2003 Jan 1
Version N/A
Author Samsung Semiconductor
Category:   Technical datasheet
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The S3C2410 is developed using an ARM920T core, 0.18um CMOS standard cells and a
memory compiler. Its low power, simple, elegant and fully static design is particularly suitable
for cost and power sensitive applications. Also, the S3C2410 adopts a new bus architecture,
AMBA (Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture). An outstanding feature of the S3C2410 is
its CPU core, a 16/32-bit ARM920T RISC processor designed by Advanced RISC Machines,
Ltd. By providing a complete set of common system peripherals, the S3C2410 minimizes
overall system costs and eliminates the need to configure additional components.

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Language:   English

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