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Title Texas Instruments OMAP 5910 Application Report
Version SPRA847
Released 2003 Jun 1
Category:   Technical datasheet
Author Texas Instruments
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The OMAP5910 is a true system-on-a-chip device, which consists of an ARM925T
microprocessor unit (MPU) and TMS320C55x digital signal processor (DSP) cores. The
device has many important peripherals necessary for gluelessly interfacing with external
devices in multimedia communication systems. One of the ports available is a
general-purpose, 16-bit parallel bus called EMIFS that is typically being used for
communicating with devices such as flash, ethernet controller, and others. This application
report describes an external video system design using a 2-D graphics accelerator that
interfaces with the EMIFS bus and provides a super video graphics array (SVGA), video
graphics array (VGA), phase alternate line (PAL) or National TV Standards Committee
(NTSC) video output.

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