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General AttributesGeneral Attributes: 

Title Nokia E7-00 User Guide
Version Issue 1
Released 2010 Nov 1
Category:   User Manual
Author Nokia
File User ManualDownload File

Additional InformationAdditional Information: 

Description Contents:
Safety 3
Start using your device 4
About this user guide 4
Use the in-device user guide 4
Get started 4
Keys and parts 4
Change the volume of a call, song, or video 6
Lock or unlock the keys and screen 7
Flashlight 7
Insert or remove the SIM card 7
Charge your device 8
Switch the device on or off 9
Nokia account and Nokias Ovi services 9
Device set-up 9
Touch screen actions 10
Keyboard shortcuts 11
Interactive home screen elements 12
Predefined home screens 12
Call a phone number 13
Search for a contact 13
Save phone numbers and mail addresses 13
Send a message 13
Mail 14
About Mail 14
Add a mailbox 14
Use separate calendars for work and free time 15
Navigate to a destination 15
Personalise your device 16
Personalise your tones 16
Personalise the home screen 16
Add items to the home screen 16
Install Nokia Ovi Suite on your PC 17
Visit Nokias Ovi Store 18
Back up files 18
Connect a USB mass storage device 18
Find more help 19
Support 19
Keep your device software and applications up to date 19
Access codes 20
Protect the environment 21
Save energy 21
Recycle 21
Product and safety information 21

Geographical AttributesGeographical Attributes: 
Language:   English

Datasheet AttributesDatasheet Attributes: 

Data IntegrityData integrity level determines the integrity of the published information. Final datasheets are not intended to be modified in the future, preliminary ones can be based on unofficial information or speculations, incomplete ones are also preliminary b  Final
AddedThe exact time of the datasheet addition 2010-11-18 11:27
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