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Title Toshiba Thrive Android 3.1 OTA System Image Update
Version 1.5.0029
Released 2011 Jul 28
Category:   ROM Update
Author Toshiba

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Description Toshiba THRiVE AT105 Android 3.1 System Image Update revision

There is a new System Image update, available through the Toshiba Service Station utility, for the Thrive™ tablet. This update generally improves sleep-and-resume performance, as well as enhances the multimedia playback capabilities of this device.

Applicable Models: Thrive AT105-SP0160M, AT105-SP101L, AT105-T1016, AT105-T1032, AT105-T108

Specific changes included in this update:
* Support for playback of DivX/Xvid and .avi WMA/WMA files (compatibility dependent on specific encoding format).
* A patch, released by the chip vender, addressing a Display Controller reset sequence issue.
* Elimination of a race condition which can cause system lock ups resuming from sleep mode when multiple tasks contend for shared memory simultaneously.
* Changes in code supporting the USB host controller to improve performance resuming from sleep mode

Installation Note:

After following the simple instructions displayed once this download has been selected from the Toshiba Service Station utility, the update will install automatically. The complete install should take several minutes, during which time you will be unable to use the tablet. Though it will appear to power off and on as part of the install, Toshiba recommends that you power off your tablet once the installation has completed, by holding down the power button for approximately 10 seconds. Depending on your log in status at the time, you may be see a prompt asking if you wish to power off your system, either select OK to shutdown, or continue to hold down the power button until the tablet vibrates and powers off. Your tablet may then be powered on and used in the normal manner.

Toshiba recommends you download and install all updates as they are released. An instruction for using the Toshiba Service Station utility can be found in your User’s Guide.

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